Monday, May 16, 2005

Getting things rolling...

Struck with a bout of late afternoon tiredness, but now that I have a blog I really feel the pressure to add one starting entry ;)

So here it is, between yawns and excellent swedish coffee - my first blog entry. Now you might be wondering, as indeed anyone in the right mind should, what a Sri Lankan living in Sweden would be doing writing a blog at all?

Excellent question...the answer is boredom. That bane of all existance and life itself - boredom. Or rather the fleeing from it. Now fleeing from boredom, should naturally bring us to its opposite, since one always flees in the opposite direction of what one is fleeing from. Logic dictates therefore that fleeing from boredom should bring you towards things of interest.

So consider this blog to be a search for things interesting and noteworthy. And if you, gentle reader, are either or (dare we think it) both of these, feel free to drop a note today.